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We offer industry leading products & service by choosing to use the highest quality roofing products available. We are a Certified Certainteed contractor who invests in the proper installation of the entire Integrity Roof System. Learn more about Certainteed's Landmark product below.

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Free Roof Consultation

About to buy a home or just had a terrible storm? We offer free roof repair consultation to evaluate the integrity of your roof. Contact us to schedule your free roof repair consultation!

Storm & Hail Damage

Dime-sized hail may be enough to damage your roof. Over time, your roof may lose its integrity.

Have your roof inspected to prevent massive damages.

If you don’t think there is any hail damage to your roof because you don’t see it from the ground, think again. Shingle integrity can be damaged, causing premature deterioration. Missing shingle granules will significantly reduce the lifespan of your roof and can expose the fiberglass based center of the shingles to UV rays from the sun. Deterioration of your roof shingles can occur in a short period of time. We recommend having the roof inspected after a hail storm.

Roofing Repairs & Maintenance

Every roof requires proper care and maintenance, which is why we offer FREE roof consultations to see if repairs or replacements are needed.

Roof Replacement

Whether you are a homeowner needing a roof replacement installed or a victim of catastrophic hail damage or wind storms, Moss Roofing does complete roof installations in Houston!

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