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Professional.  Committed.  Efficient.

"After a hail storm damaged our roof in May 2019, we decided to start the process of having it inspected by our insurance and replaced. We got lucky when Wiley and his crew just happened to be working in our neighborhood. Within a couple days Wiley inspected our roof and we hired him to replace our roof.

Wiley helped us get the best deal from our insurance company by negotiating with them directly, as well as handling many of the details we were inexperienced with.

In regards to building the roof, it was apparent Wiley and his crew cared deeply about doing their craft the right way, the best way and with great attention to detail. Wiley ensured us our roof would have the best materials available and would be built with the highest industry standards.

Wiley and his crew definitely fulfilled their end of the deal. About eight months and many storms later, our roof is still great."

- Mike Erickson

Clear Lake


"Wiley and his crew were a pleasure to work with and treated my house as if it were their own with great care! It was a great experience start to finish!

I had owned my house less than a year when tropical depression Imelda came through Houston and dumped rain. I had an unpleasant surprise when I discovered a leak in my guest bedroom which appeared to be coming from the roof. I knew Wiley from church and when he told me about his roofing business I could tell he had the know how and the crew that could fix my issue. He and his lead hand (14 years of experience) came and took a look at my roof and immediately noticed what the issue was. The flat roof material was joined up with my hardiplank retaining wall incorrectly with the flat roof flush with the bottom of the hardiplank. Wiley's crew removed a few rows of shingles and hardiplank (a tedious, but necessary process to do the job right) to allow sufficient overlap and laid new flat roof material that could effectively drain water off my roof instead of into my house! His crew also painted and caulked the existing hardiplank to make it all look good as new!

One thing I look for in hired help is knowledge, experience and work ethic/pride in your work and man does this crew have all three! The price was right too. Highly recommend for any of your roofing or house maintenance (painting, sealing, caulking, etc.) needs!"

- Clark Thannisch

The Heights

Thank you Mr. Moss and your crew for a stress free experience during a very stressful time.

Mr. Moss was referred to me by a “very cautious” co worker. So... he was already on a higher trust level based on that recommendation.

He reviewed the insurance quote with us to help determine how best to settle on a price that would benefit my husband and I.

The job was completed in one day. The clean up after job completion was stellar. The roof is so pretty!

My insurance company had a process whereby proof for completion of work is required before remaining funds are released. Mr. Moss completed promptly that step promptly and the remaining funds were deposited in our account sooner then expected.

Also, in light of social distancing, Mr. Moss’s crew was able to complete all work within entrance into our home. That was a big deal and it was greatly appreciated.

I recommend Moss Roofing to all based on our positive experience.

- Gail Turner

Richmond, TX



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